Coddywompling (verb):   to travel purposefully to an unknown destination


Coddywompler (noun):   one who coddywomples

An ambling celebration of street performance, bringing entertainment to your neighbourhood

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The Bristol Coddywomple 

The streets were filled with music, circus and visual treats. Audiences watched from their windows and doorways, some coming outside to interact with the entertainers from their front yards and in the street.

The Bristol Coddywomple took place at 6pm on Sunday 26th July 2020.

Across the city of Bristol, performers of many types stepped out of their front doors and, following pre-mapped and publicised routes, these Coddywomplers entertained their neighbours as they pass through. 

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Wow, that sounds right up my street.

How can I find out more?

How can I get involved?

The rest of the pages of this website will tell you more about the project - just use the menu bar to navigate the site.

You can get in touch with the team behind the Coddywomple via our contact page.

Please note that this is no longer a live project, so this website isn't updated very regularly. However, the Coddywomple head office are planning & plotting so do keep an eye out for future Coddywompling plans.
If there's information you need or you'd like to stay informed as to our plans, please get in touch via our contact page.

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