About the Coddywomple

The Bristol Coddywomple took place at 6pm on Sunday 26th July 2020.
Across the city of Bristol, performers of many types stepped out of their front doors. Following pre-mapped and publicised routes, these Coddywomplers entertained their neighbours as they passed through. 
The streets were filled with music, circus and visual treats. Audiences watched from their windows and doorways, or came outside to interact with the entertainers from their front yards.

About the Coddywomplers

We are the Coddywomplers.
We are musicians and circus performers, children's entertainers and cabaret artists.
We are the locked-out performers who've been unable to reach our live audiences due to Covid19.
We are your neighbours.

About the project

This is a pilot project. Participant performers will be pioneers in an exciting experiment to re-imagine a resilient future for us all. If successful, there is interest to take the project further.

The entertainment industry is in crisis and many organisations are coming together to re-imagine our immediate and long-term futures. We hope to create a model that may be able to replace lost income for performers for the remainder of the season and beyond. The results will be fed back to various industry bodies and used to research how socially-distanced performance could be possible in our communities.


So, this project does 3 things.

It provides an outlet for many brilliant local performers who are frustrated at not being able to do what they do best this summer. We get to shout about what we do and show how necessary live performing arts are to our mental wellbeing.

It brings amazing performance directly to people's homes, connecting entertainers with their neighbourhoods, enhancing the sense of community that's been one of the positive features of this lockdown period.

It empowers us to be proactive in influencing the future of our sector.

The project, though not the performers, is supported by the Arts Council of England in the form of an Emergency Grant of £2500 awarded to Gwen Hales to help her survive the wasteland of a spring/summer season without her usual bookings. The money pays for some of Gwen & Lucy's time (though not at the going rate!) plus all the technical wizardry involved in getting the Coddywomple off the ground. The Emergency Grant doesn't, sadly, cover the wages of the performers.

Coddywompling head office

The Coddywompling head office consists of: Lead Producer Gwen Hales, Assistant Producer Lucy Heard, and we are supported by two street arts consultants, Amy Rose and Paschale Straiton. 


It’s going to be a team effort! 

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