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The Search For The Moddywomple - BS2, St Werburgh's
Scientist, genius and inventor extraordinaire, Bobby Tromple is proud to announce to the people of St. Werburghs his most prized invention yet: The Moddywomple. A mechanical golden bird which sings the most beautiful song ever sung. The problem is he wound its gears up so tight it flew away and hasn't been seen since! 

Join Bobby Tromple as he sets off on a Coddywomple to find the Moddywomple! 

There'll be a Nobel-Grease Prize for the person who finds his mechanical golden bird.

  • Sevier Street

  • Dorset Grove

  • Durham Road

  • Mina Road

  • Mina Road Park

  • Conduit Place

  • Jubilee Road

  • Ashley Street Park

James Crawley route.png
Iris West - BS2, St Werburgh's
Iris West will be dazzling unexpected members of the pubic with her hula hooping skills.
Soooooooooo many hoops! They spin so fast and so pretty.
  • Duke of York pub

  • Jubilee Road

  • Conduit Street

  • Mina Road Park

  • Mina Road 

  • York Road

The National Harmony Service, St Werburgh's and Easton
The National Harmony Service (NHS) will be Coddywompling around Easton and St. Werburghs delivering ‘Prescripsongs’. Look out for colourful scrubs on bicycles, listen out for mixes by DJ Hype-OCratic-Oath, and get ready for a big dose of joy. 
  • Cycling around the St Werburgh's and Easton areas

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 13.33.36.png
Farm Yard Circus - BS2, St Pauls

Inspired by summer days on the farm and getting dirt in all the right places, a band of circus performers trade in their ruffles and sequins for wellies and pitchforks. 

Coddywompling through St. Paul's with wheelbarrow acrobatics, and a bucket load of stunts, they tell stories of working hard but playing harder.


  • Ashley Road

  • Grosvenor Road

  • St Pauls Learning Centre

  • St Nicholas Road

  • Morgan Street

  • St Agnes Park

  • Tudor Road

  • Lower Ashley Road


Grandma's Mobility Mayhem - BS3, Southville

'Grandma's Mobility Mayhem' is a roving old lady puppet in a mobility scooter. She is happy to talk to strangers and donkeys (until their hind legs drop off). 

If you see her, find out what the gossip is!


  • Greville Road

  • North Street

  • Exeter Road

  • Uptown Road

Dik Downey - Grandma map.jpg
The Sour Doughy Bakers - BS3, Southville

Lockdown has created thousands of new sourdough home-baking 'experts' and these mardy professionals aren't having any of it. 


These rotund, sour-faced sourdough Bakers are loaded up with bread and grump. Can the people of Bristol make them smile? Or will it all descend into bread wars... 


  • Stackpool Road

  • Dean Lane

  • Kingston Road

  • Morley Road

  • Milford Street

  • Vicarage Road

Helen Sheppard - BS3, Southville

Helen is a Bristol poet and who will be sharing spoken words on the themes of birth,

women and those whose voices are often unheard. Her poetry is inspired by her work as a midwife. 


Helen will be doing 15 minute poetry readings/performances throughout the day in her garden. 

There is physical distancing space for 10 people at a time. 

  • 55 Greville Road
Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 12.07.45.png


Hazmat & Covid - BS4, St Anne's

A colourful clown show created specifically for these times.

The comedy double act consists of the virus, Covid 19, who is naive and playful, and a bright yellow Hazmat suited character who attempts to 'control the virus'. 


  • Wootton Road

  • Wootton Crescent

  • Guildford Road

  • Lichfield Road

  • St Anne's Woods

  • Chapel Way​

Hazmat and Covid coddywomple map.jpg
Mind The Gap - BS4, Knowle

Mr Champion is a measurologist.

He's here to measure things....

Gaps, holes, voids, the space between your ears.

  • Leighton Road

  • Glena Avenue

  • Harrowdene Road

  • Somerset Road

  • Cleeve Road

  • Leighton Road

Coddywomple route - Gregory Champion edi
Corvid19 the Crow - BS4, Totterdown

Beware... a dangerous bird is stalking the streets of Bristol!

If you see Corvid19 be very careful and keep a safe distance. She is infectious but LOVES to have her photograph taken.

  • Cemetery Road
  • Hawthorne Street
  • Fitzroy Street
  • Balmain Street
  • Arno's Street
  • Well's Road
  • Brecknock Road
  • Crowndale Road
  • Clyde Road
  • Sydenham Road
Lyn Routledge - Crow BS4 - route edit.jp
Bertie & the Zebra- BS4, Totterdown

Bertie the zookeeper has realised his zebra is on the loose again. With the help of his trusty young lion can you help him find her? 

Don't get too close, remember they are wild animals at heart!

Em and Bendik are performers from Bristol and Norway, excited to bring this act to Totterdown

  • Following the same route as Corvid the Crow, but backwards!
Lyn Routledge - Crow BS4 - route edit.jp
Filwood Fantastic Mini Golf Club – BS4, Knowle West

Manager Meg & Claudia the Caddie of the Filwood Fantastic mini golf club will be offering a mini putt-ay outside of 82 Minehead Road, Knowle West! 


There will be squash from a TEE pot, CLUB biscuit prizes and mini golf fun! Meg will have her Megaphone and Claudia her xylophone!! 

Come along and join the PAR-TAY.

  • 82 Minehead Road, Knowle West
Filwood map.png


The Shy Mice - BS5, Redfield & Barton Hill

Come and meet Pipsqueak and Doramouse, and Molly Dimple the park ranger.


These walkabout mice may be shy, but they are a lot of fun and would love to play with you.

  • Great Western Lane
  • Cotton Mill Lane
  • Aiken Street
  • Barton Hill Urban Park
  • Cobden Street
  • Victoria Avenue
  • Leonard Road
  • Avonvale Road
The Pigeons - BS5, Eastville
Mr & Mrs Pigeon investigate everything they come across by pecking and scratching, and they express their love for each other in true pigeon style with much strutting and feather ruffling.
Company weblink: The Pigeons
  • Parkside Gardens
  • South Hayes
  • Hayford Avenue
  • Tackley Road
  • Glenfrome Road
  • Sir John's Lane
Witcheroo - BS5, Easton

Two witches, working in the gig economy, will be delivering spells, charms and hexes directly to the people of Easton. 

Playful, interactive street theatre combining clowning, ritual, cycling & magic.


  • Throughout Easton
Witcheroo Bristol Coddywomple map 1 jour
SUSSAN the socially distancing robot - BS5, Easton
Sentient, hilarious and inquisitive, SUSSAN wants to help the people see a lighter side of life as they wait in queues, take walks through the park, or isolate in small communities. 
SUSSAN is the Robot we imagined in the 80's, clunky but very clever...bringing wonder and joy to an isolated society.
  • All Hallow's Hall

  • Easton Road

  • Owen Square Park

  • Chelsea Road

  • Roman Road

  • Albion Road

  • All Hallow's Road

SUSSAN Coddywomple route.png
Chez & Tilly Twist - BS5, Greenbank
Chez Dunford and Tilly Twist are teaming up to bring colour, joy, music and clowning to the Greenbank area.
  • Robertson Road

  • Bellevue Road

  • Cromer Road

  • Daisy Road

  • Emlyn Road

  • Essery Road

  • St Leonard's Road

Tilly Twist and Chez Map .jpg
George & Dorothy - BS5, Greenbank

The decrepit Desperate Men are really old.


Out of semi-retirement and transformed by a good dose of Coddywomple, these now sprightly young things will reprise their internationally revered characters of George and Dorothy.

These 2 war veterans will chat, charm, dance and sing whilst safely distanced by a large painting.

  • Mivart Street

  • St Mark's Road

  • High Street

  • Bellevue Road

Miss Moet - BS5, St George

Miss Möet will be swanning through St George's Park like a PG version of Ab Fab.

On top of her bubbly personality and striking long legs, Miss Möet has a plethora of bubble tricks up her sleeves including giant bubbles, smoke bubbles and a rapid fire bubble gun.

It's not a party until the bubbles are flowing!


  • St George's Park


Global Luminosity - BS6, Albany Green
Adding a new dimension 
Global Luminosity will be performing on an aerial rig outside of the Albany Centre
  • Outside of the Albany Centre
The Newspaper Man - BS6 & BS7
Cuthbert Rumpersplink has been lost in the world of newspapers for a long time, but he is now discovering the beautiful world right in of his very eyes...
  • Ashley Road

  • Picton Street

  • St Andrews Road

  • Fairlawn Road

  • Hurlingham Road


Other Tongues - BS7, Ashley Down

A Bristol-based quirky female folk trio singing playful and political songs in lush harmony.

Michal Nahman: vocals
Sophie Stammers, vocals, guitar, accordion
Jenny Samson: vocals, mandolin, flute

  • Ashgrove Road

  • Station Road

  • York Avenue

  • Ashgrove Road

  • Ashgrove Avenue


Neighbourhood Heroes - BS16, Fishponds

Crystal ball manipulator Truan Jay Mathias & musician Luca Macchi (as Malgrado Urbano) are joining forces to present roaming and static performances in the Thingwall area of Fishponds.

Site A:  
  • Everest Road

  • Thingwall Park

  • Grove Road

  • Grove Park Terrace

  • Grove Avenue

  • Lodore Road

  • Brentry Road

  • Thingwall Park

  • Everest Road

Coddywomple Map - Neighbourhood Heros -
Bristol Harpist - BS16, Fishponds

Scarlett Smith is a Bristol-based harpist. Throughout lockdown she's been playing small outdoor gigs for local communities.

For the Coddywomple she'll be performing in two areas - see below.


Site A:  Moorlands Road, BS16 3LF
SIte B: Quarterbridge Road, off Manor Road, BS16 1DD
Tatters and Tales - BS16, Pucklechurch

Tatters and Tails take to the streets to excite and entertain. From their bubble to yours, they bring sticks, black boots, top hats and tail coat tatters. They represent the dark side of Morris Dancing.

Keep your distance as TnT are primed to explode!


  • Cherrytree Court

  • Oaktree Avenue & Hawthorne Close

  • St Aldams social club

  • Homefield Road & Orchard Road

  • Queens Road

  • Edmund Court

Further afield

The Disco Litter Queens - SN14, Marshfield
Disco. And litter picking!!
From the infamous Curious Company.
  • High Street, Marshfield
  • Hay Street
  • Tomarton Road
  • Back Lane
  • Robbins Close
  • Tanners Walk
  • Tanners Lane
  • George Lane
  • A420
  • Bonds Lane
  • High Street

Queen Bee - SN14, Marshfield
Amy Amelia will be performing contact juggling (crystal ball manipulation) themed with her new Bee costume & character
She'll be following the same route as Curious Company, but going in the OTHER direction.
  • High Street, Marshfield
  • Hay Street
  • Tomarton Road
  • Back Lane
  • Robbins Close
  • Tanners Walk
  • Tanners Lane
  • George Lane
  • A420
  • Bonds Lane
  • High Street

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